16 People Die In A Terrible Accident In Assin Foso

The rapid cause of accidents has been to much in this country. Accident do happen on regular basis but when drivers drive carefully, the high rate of accident being recorded will be minimized. The police officers at various checkpoints and barriers are doing everything possible to prevent road accident. But drivers are not trying to follow road safety protocols.

Oboubi reported another terrible accident which occured in the central Region Cape Coast. The accident occured in Assin Foso in a Village called Nyako Mase Ahenkro. The accident involved 16 passengers. The car has the registration number WR 2034-16.

Some eyewitness stated that, the driver was driving with speed and he applied his brake at once when he get to a speed ramp. The driver meandered from the road and hit a building by the road side. Some of the passengers on board sustained minor injuries. But the driver was unconscious and he was rushed to Nyakomase Ahenkro Hospital in Assin Foso Cape coast.

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