I Have Slept With A Lot Of Women

Veteran Highlife composer Gyedu-Blay Ambolley has touted his promiscuity in a new interview saying he has lost count of the number of women he has slept with.

According to him, when he was young and vibrant, ladies flocked to him like bees are attracted to nectar and he had a field day enjoying all of them without mercy.

The singer noted that as a celebrity- such things were conventional so obviously there’s nothing wrong with his actions.

In a recent interview he had on TV XYZ, Ambolley said people have the impression that a young man who dates multiple ladies is a strong and courageous person hence he earns respect from his peers.

He then proceeded to share his bouts of sexual escapades and from his demeanour, you could tell he took delight in changing women like diapers.

“Having sex is a normal thing in life. I’ve slept with so many women which I doubt I can count sometimes, I can be visited by the 3 women in just a day. In your prime, you have the energy and people will be hailing you when women keep visiting you from time to time”, he told the host.

He also added that amongst the women he had relationships with, 3 of them got pregnant but out of fear, 2 opted to abort the pregnancy while one decided to keep it. “3 of the women I slept with got pregnant but 2 of them opted for an abortion out of fear”, he concluded.

source : tv xyz

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