‘80% of Free SHS graduates performance in exams is poor’ – Legon lecturer shares experience

Dr. Sampson Obed Appiah, a senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Ghana, has said that Free Senior High School (Free SHS) graduates aren’t doing well in the universities and colleges.

He talked about some of the problems he had seen with the policy and the need to review it and talk to a wide range of stakeholders. He also said that the students’ performance on exams was “bad.”

“The Free SHS students who came to the university, if I told you what they wrote on our exams, you’d cry for this country. It’s bad. “About 80 percent of them aren’t good,” he said on the Dwaboase show on TV XYZ earlier this week.

On the policy itself, he stressed that it was time for the government to listen to different ideas about how to implement it.

“Today’s policymakers should only listen to others when they realize what they are doing. Let me give you an example: Did you know that the Minister asked Grade A schools to take students from poor families?

He said that because of the policy, some schools are letting students with an overall grade point average of 47 take science classes. He then asked, “How can a school turn someone with a 47 into a very good student in three years?”

He said that the government should focus on helping those low-level schools. Most of those schools don’t have classrooms or teaching materials, and teachers aren’t very motivated.

“That’s why we all need to work together, as Prof. Addae-Mensah and Palmer Buckle have said. Anyone who disagrees with what the government says is called an idiot,” he said.

The Free SHS policy has been called into question lately. It’s one of the main policies of Akufu Addo’s government which started in September 2017.

The Free SHS secretariat said on its website, “Every Ghanaian child who qualifies for and is placed in a public Senior High School for his secondary education will have his or her fees paid by the government.”

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