A Great Peaceful African Democrat Was John Evans Atta Mills

A decade ago, we lost a Great Peaceful African Democrat while he was serving as President of the Republic of Ghana. John Evans Atta Mills meritoriously attained LLM from the London School of Economics and earned a Ph.D. in Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies at age of 27 in the 60s.

His demise submerged Ghanaians in a spontaneous deluge of tears for weeks because he offered compassionate and self-sacrificing service to Ghana.

He loved and played several sports in addition to his academic accomplishments, taught many of Ghana’s great legal luminaries, transitioned from a tax scholar of international repute into a lead tax administrator for the Internal Revenue Service, and became Vice President and President of the Republic of Ghana.

Above all though the changing seasons of life, he died having lived to his name as “A Man of Peace – The Asomdwehene.” President John Evans Atta Mills is that man we celebrate every July since he passed away on July 24, 2012.

That terrible Tuesday, I was a very young man in a meeting (chaired by the Late Captain Kojo Tsikata (Rtd.)) with very experienced men who had gathered in the Late P.V. Obeng’s office at the National Development Planning Commission.

We met regularly every Tuesday afternoon to plan President Atta Mills’ re-election. Election 2012 was only four clear months away.

When his aide-de-camp called me to deliver the dreadful news, and I conveyed it to my senior colleagues, the room momentarily froze.

Still, with Captain Tsikata’s guidance, we successfully organized a smooth transition later that night.

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