Afia Schwarzenegger – It’s Time You Start Taxing Churches

Afia Schwarzenegger made a lot of sense in this video when she asked the president to start taxing churches, especially the one-man churches as they are making a lot of money from their members and aren’t paying taxes on any.

According to her, her church makes a lot of money in selling books and CDs to members yet they don’t pay tax and aside from the offering they take from members, they make money selling to them as well and they need to start paying taxes to put them in check.

Afia Schwarzenegger then added that taking taxes from these churches, especially the one-man churches will curb the rise of church business and also make these pastors read the word of God and not only focus on making money always.

She then sarcastically reminded the president that he hasn’t given her his money for her father’s funeral and she was waiting to hear from him as a member of the NPP who worked hard to get him in power and some other things.


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