Hon. Osmanu Ibrahim popularly known as Sansiro has over the years touched many lives through his philanthropic activities

He believes giving to the needy, poor and destitute is a way of unburdening the society and forms part of ones social responsibility to contributing their quota to making the society better. As has been made known, he always caution that, the things he does through charity are not for show offs but to enable others to emulate

Hon. Sansiro and his team took their charity van to the Sekondi Prisons to which they made a donation of 2 bags of Gari, 200 pieces of Soaps of different kinds, 50 bags of Sachet water and other items

He reiterated his commitment to assisting the vulnerable and urge all well meaning Ghanaians to come to the aid of these distress institutions

Help put a smile on somebody’s face today.

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