Black Sherif “Fires” Back At Blakk Rasta For Saying He’s Just Lucky

Black Sherif was one of the young artists in Ghana who swam into fame without much struggle. His songs have put Ghana on the map on several occasions. Black Sherif’s latest track ‘Kwaku the traveler’ is one of the most popular songs in and around the international market.

A few entertainment pundits have been lambasting Black Sherif off late saying that his style of singing is one way and lacks creativity. One of the people who have criticized the style of Black Sherif is Black Rasta.

Blakk Rasta asserted that there is nothing too special about Black Sherif’s song because other people released good songs within that same period but because he has grace on him, his song is making waves both in the local market and the international market.

In a rebuttal in an inter on Citi TV, Black Sherif lambasted Blakk Rasta saying that it is wrong to underestimate a person’s work whether the person rose to fame by chance or grace.

“Man did not just pull up and start the music. We have been on the road for a time. We started when no one was there. I will not trust his words. He is only talking about what he has seen. I do not think that it is luck that has brought me this far. There is luck and grace, but you cannot underestimate someone’s hard work. I am not offended one bit.”

source: city tv

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