British Airways cuts Accra-London-Accra route for 5 days

Persons flying to London even via transit through other European Airlines maybe hit with some challenges and delays.

It’s coming after British Airways cuts its daily flights on the Accra-London-Accra route to five days, from seven days.

This means passengers can travel only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays Fridays, Saturday and Sundays, and not everyday of the week..

Joy Business is learning that travellers seeking alternative flights to London via other European airlines will now have to deal with the challenge of transit visa before getting to their final destination.

Again, persons anticipating to travel via Dutch airline, KLM, will need a transit visa.

Joy Business further understands that the Dutch Embassy in Ghana is considering a quota with the number of visas issued by its officials.

This might make it difficult for travelers to London through KLM to get to their destination on time.

Interestingly, the challenge is not only limited to KLM that is demanding transit visas, but also Brussels Airlines and Air France that are also requiring transit visas.

Sources say this is due to the strict enforcement of the Brexit rule.

However, those who want to explore the transit route to London can fly on Kenyan Airways or Ethiopian Airlines.

Meanwhile, travelers would have to pay not less than $2500 for the economy class ticket in the month of June for Accra-London-Accra.

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