Captain Smart – “In The 50s Dr. Nkrumah Planned To Rear Rabbits In 2050 But Current Leaders Don’t Plan”

Blessed Godsbrain Smart will never cease to amaze Ghanaians with his indepth knowledge in Ghanaian history. Today his Maakye morning program on the Onua TV was something to write home about.

Apart from the fact that, he constantly mentioned that, the current corrupt has done nothing about stopping corruption in the country, the main thing he talked about using executive instruments is about the rabbit project that the first President of Ghana planned to undertake for Ghanaians.

Captain Smart in the studio boldly revealed that, even the past or the old people or leaders like Kwame Nkrumah had better plans for Ghanaians. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah ruled Ghana in the fifties and sixties but he had vision for the people of Ghana.


He also revealed that, Kwame Nkrumah forsaw that there will be great demands for rabbit in the future which is in the 2050s so he requested for land and kept it for that project. But currently where is that land? He asked.

Captain Smart was very angry about the land issues going on in Ghana also said that, the current government do not have plan for Ghanaians, nothing seems working and the current public properties are given away to people they don’t even know.


He added that, we are in 2022 but as it stands there is nothing that has been planned for Ghanaians in the future, so how can we grow as nation if our leaders do not have vision for us.

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