Cease distributing cooked food to vulnerable to reduce risk of Covid-19 infection – NDC to government

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has advised government to consider supplying food items to the vulnerable in lockdown areas instead of giving them cooked meals.

The committee constituted by party to offer support in the Covid-19 fight said, such a move would prevent crowded scenes witnessed at a number of places where cooked meals were distrusted.

They say it would also reduce a possible spread of the Covid-19 which it is fighting to contain.

In a letter to government and signed by the Committee chair, Prosper Bani, it indicated that giving the vulnerable uncooked food items “…reduces overall contacts during the lockdown period and opportunities for transmission.”

“Cooked food also presents a relatively higher risk of food poisoning or contamination if the food distribution chain is not properly managed and overseen,” the statement noted.

While acknowledging President Akufo-Addo’s “complimentary statements” about its first set of technical recommendations on the management of the Covid-19 pandemic, the NDC further propose for government to fix a time for daily updates on the Covid-19 situation in Ghana.

This, the party said, will “avoid the creation of an information vacuum that leaves the public vulnerable to speculation and false information.”

NDC COVID19 TEAM_Letter to Akufo Addo Government


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