After Coastal Development Authority (CODA), the contractor working on the Apremdo roads, refused to finish the project. Nana Egya Kwamena XI, the Divisional Chief of Apremdo Traditional Area, has demanded for his arrest and license to be revoked.

The work which began on February 20, 2020, under the former Member of Parliament (MP) Joseph Mensah, just as the NPP was preparing for its primaries.

Nana Egya Kwamena XI, speaking on Sharpfm morning show today confirmed that, he is reacting based on the current MP for Kwesimintim Constituency Dr. Prince Hamid Armah assertion.

I am using the claims from the MP because he is in charge of the project. It is not rightful to keep taxpayers money without giving them the development. We went to their office severally before they started the project. Previously, the contractor informed us of some arrears and it has duly paid by the MP”.

The arrears of the contract was paid less than a month ago by the MP” he added.


The Chief disclosed that, the poor drainage system constructed earlier has brought mosquito infestation in the community. He further explained due to the poor construction, the community is faced with floods and has left the community in distress.

The drainage gutters constructed are very poor and are all chocked which has now become a habitat for mosquitoes. Malaria infestation is very high in Apremedo. Homes are now faced with floods anytime it rains” Chief expresses dissatisfaction.

He added that, they are still investigating the case whether the Contractor has duly received the funds and refusing to make appearance.

Residents of the community calling- in on the show expressing their displeasure with the way issues relating to the development of town roadways have been handled.

Source : Jeanelle Selby Jones


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