Court orders UTAG to suspend strike

Court Orders UTAG to Suspend Strike and Return to Class; Accra High Court after hearing has ordered University Teachers of Ghana to suspend ONGOING STRIKE.

According to the court, UTAG should return to class while negotiating with the government.

Since January 10, 2022, UTAG has been on strike in protest of their employer’s failure to assess their working conditions since 2017.

Students, both returning and new, continue to face the brunt of the enraged instructors, who have been in and out of meetings with the government in an attempt to break the impasse.

UTAG has been on strike since January 10 in an attempt to persuade the government to reinstate the 2012 service conditions. A lecturer’s Basic plus Market Premium was set at $2,084.42 in the 2012 conditions of service.

The current arrangement, according to UTAG, has decreased the basic premiums of its members to $997.84.

UTAG was taken to court by the National Labour Commission, but the two were advised to return to the negotiating table.

The Commission filed a lawsuit to enforce its ruling, which was ignored by public university lecturers across the country. The Commission had already ordered UTAG to end its strike, but this order was not followed.

Latest, Court has ordered UTAG to suspend strike , return to class while negotiating with the government.

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