Do Not Force Me To Expose Your People- Randy Abbey Tells NPP Communicator

Kwesi Pratt and Eric Twum Amoako joined Randy Abbey on the Good Morning Ghana show. And in the course of the show, Randy Abbey fumed at how some key personalities in the New Patriotic Party continually compare the debt stock level of Ghana to that of other developing countries and conclude that Ghana is better off. This confirmed his assertion that Ghana’s problem is not literacy but rather, dysfunctional systems.

“I hear people comparing Ghana’s debt level to that of Japan. What about Japan’s capacity to pay and sustain its debt?”, Randy Abbey fumed.

Kwesi Pratt concurred with Randy Abey’s assertion, ” Japan is borrowing at an interest rate of less than 2%. Ghana however is borrowing however at an interest rate of 20%. How then can you compare your debt level to that of Japan”.

Reacting to that, Eric Twum stated unequivocally, “I think we have to be very fair to ourselves. I am a member of the communication team. This thing you people are talking about, I have not seen any official or member of the team putting this across”

Randy Abbey later dared Eric Twum not to force him to mention the names of those who made that comparison.

source : opera news

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