Election 2024 Is An Economic Independence Day For Ghana, All Hand On Deck – Kirk-Mensah

The Western Regional Communication Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Richard Enerst Kirk-Mensah has set the tone for 2024 general elections, touting it as the “Economic Independence Day” for Ghana and the NDC he said is leaving no stone unturned but to liberate Ghanaians from the hands of the Nana Addo lead government.

In an exclusive interview on the Late Evening Show with Kojo Ennimil Arthur on Skyy Power FM in Takoradi, Mr. Richard Kirk-Mensah, stressed that it has become important now to Ghanaians to salvage the country from the hands of the “Akyem Mafia’s” who he said are milking the economic fortunes of this country for their selfish gains.

“The elections 2024 is the second independence of the Republic of Ghana and for that matter an economic independence for this country. The “Akyem Mafia’s” have succeeded in making life unbearable for the ordinary Ghanaian. And the NDC is on a rescue mission to save this country”, he stressed.

Admitting to the fact that the 2024 general elections will not be a “cool chop” for either the NDC nor the NPP he is hopeful Ghanaians are ready to hand over power to the NDC but a lot he said will depend on how the NDC conduct it ourself throughout the upcoming internal elections.

The Western Region Communication Officer for the NDC, Mr Kirk-Mensah did not hesitate to caution individuals seeking different executive positions in the NDC party to come clean with their campaign since the lies they peddle about other competitors will become a tool for other political parties against the NDC in the 2024 general elections.

He however called on all disappointed members of the NPP to join the NDC train to rescue Ghana by aligning with the winning team to bid Nana Addo and his NPP good bye.

“It’s a communal labour to save Ghana and we need everyone on board so I am calling on all disappointed members of the NPP and Ghanaians who are fed up with Nana Addo’s government to come join NDC by registering as a party member come May 21st 2022 so that together we can salvage Ghana from the hands of the Akyem Sakawa Mafia’s”.

Source: Patrick Ennimil Arthur

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