The Takoradi Divisional Police Command of the Ghana Police Service has arrested three persons for allegedly faking a kidnapping incident and demanding GHS5,000.


The suspects are Joana Krah, 29 years of age, Susana Awortwe, 27 years of age, and Francis Eshun, 27 years of age.  According to the police, suspect Joana Krah conspired with the other two suspects to feign her kidnap and demanded the GHS5,000 ransom from her adopted father. “The Takoradi Divisional Police Command has arrested three suspects, Joana Krah, aged 29, Susana Awortwe, aged 27, and Francis Eshun, aged 27 for allegedly faking a kidnap and demanding a ransom or Five-Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHS5,000.00).”

“Reports indicate that suspect Joana Krah conspired with the other two suspects Susana Awortwe and Francis Eshun to feign her kidnapping on Friday, October 22, 2021, after which a call was placed to her adopted father to demand the ransom.” The police added that upon Joana Krah’s realisation that her adopted father had reported the issue to the police and an extensive search had been commenced to find her, she showed up at the Takoradi Central Police Station to confess to only joking with her father.

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