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9th November,21

Residents and workers of Adjoa community in the Ahanta West municipal in the western region have lamented over the deplorable nature of the road network in the community. The road, which links major route from Apremedo to Ahanta municipality is severely deteriorated making it difficult for residents, teachers, health workers, and school children. The teachers have to be begged to come to school because no one is willing to cross bad roads to come to school due to this the children are lacking behind which is bad for their future. The bad state of the roads had not only deprived them of basic amenities, but also threatened their lives and properties. Drivers have threatened to stop driving or they will increase the fare which will not be favorable to the residents and increase the cost of living in the town.

In an interview with sharp106.9fm, Honorable Dominic (Assembly member), said that he had to begged the Amandi company who were contracted to do the Sea defence to come to their aid in order to increase the spot on the Adjoa road for smooth service, the company did not put much effort into the construction because they were not contracted to do that work. This development happened 2008 to 2010 and nothing has been done till date about the poor state of the road. The community members are very disappointed in their MP because he keeps giving them empty promises and assurances them that he will fix the road.

Some community member thought the assembly man is doing nothing about the situation they are facing until he went for an assembly meeting with one of the town folks to witness what he is fighting for the community and that depicts that he is trying his best for the community, all this happened because there is a lot of pressure on him from the Adjoa community.

Honorable Dominic also added that, he has able to talked to the regional minister, Hon. Kobby Okyere Darko and he has promised that within this week he would let the contractor be on the site of Adjoa road to start work.

One caller called Nana Otu contributed that, the MP for Ahanta west always give a cup of rice to the people of Adjoa community when it is election time or during campaign for election, while MR. Seth from Botogyina also said, we should ask feeder road department about the many roads they have constructed within this year in the western region.

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