I Don’t Support LGBTQ+

An aspiring Chairman of the New Patriotic Party , George Kwabena Abankwa Yeboah has despised the practice of LGBTQ+.

Speaking at Asempa FM on Ekosiisen program hosted by Omanhene Kwabena Asante , he answered the host who wanted to know his stand on the beleaguered and embattled issue on the concept.

Mr Abankwa Yeboah aptly told the host that as a devout Christian with good upbringing, he dislikes the whole practice and sees it as an abomination. “In my upbringing as a Christian,l can’t and will never support this obnoxious practice .

That’s not what God wants us to do as humans he created us in his image. How can we procreate and multiply as ordered by the Creator ? “The top aspirant for the Chairmanship bid for the July election postulated that even dogs don’t do that despicable thing how more human beings.

“I don’t want to pray for that thing to gain roots in Ghana for my offsprings and the next generation to inherit it ! so the country must double up to pass a bill to nip it in the bud because we are a Christian country and we need to behave responsibly. With regard to the brouhaha about the National Cathedral, he said he doesn’t see anything wrong about it because Ghana needs a worship center like any other country. He told the Omanhene Kwabena Asante that because of his current state of contesting for a position he wouldn’t like to delve too deep into the on-going debate but all what he can say is that it’s a good thing and he wished Ghanaians being Christians would support the president to build that spiritual edifice.

According to him lives revolve around two main pillars ; Spiritual and Physical pillars. What happens in the spirit manifests in the physical realm. Explaining further he told the host that Ghana has survived so many natural disasters, economic challenges, diseases but God has saved us from all those calamities so if we build a house for HIM it’s in order.

He spoke a lot of many other issues some national, others economic, social ,political and personal. In the end,he gave out his vision for the party and the country .

He called on delegates to vote for him to lift the party from its current state to a better and higher pedestal for progress, growth, success and victory in 2024 general elections.

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