To get to the bottom of this bridge issues, the Wasa East District Chief Executive Hon.Emmanuel Boakye admitted that he was part of the decision taken by the chiefs and the MP of the Area that ‘’ No Heavy Truck Vehicle Should Use Dompem No:1 Community Road Again’ due to the state of the bridge.

The main contractor has given the contract to the sub-contractor and the work has delayed because of the raining seasons and the contractor has promised to come back to the site right after the raining season. He also revealed that the government is not owning the contractor.

According to the D.C. E Hon.Emmanuel Boakye, Daboasi as a community there is a lot of land dispute on going and he needs to work in hand with all the stakeholders to ensure that there is peace and development in his catchment area just like there is no chief at Wasa Ekutuase and due to that some family heads have taken the opportunity of selling lands to other people and that has raised the land disputes issues in the Daboasi township which include sekyerekrobo land disputes. Most of this land disputes are pending in courts and Ebusupanyin and other members are paying GHC 3000 and above to court.

He has vowed that he would make sure that there is a new chief at the said community so that the enstool chief would have the right to do the funeral rite of the late chief. He has insisted that he won’t allow any funeral rite to be celebrated since there is no new chief for the Wasa Ekutuaase community, the reason behind his decision was that the Plantation Socfinaf Ghana has a royalties the company have to pay to the chiefs so if there is no new chief for the said community who is going to take that money on behalf of the community. So, in order to avoid any further problem, the right things need to be done.

He emphasis that this land disputes usually affect the children and the women in the community and it really bring a lot of problems to the district.

Upon further interrogation by the host, Nana Banyan Paintsil, on a community concern segment of Anopa Nkomo on Sharp FM 106.9 M, there was an alleged that Hon. Emmanuel Boakye takes home GHC 2000 every week as a chop money from the District Assembly but the District Chief said it never true and this is the first time, he is hearing this.

He promises that all the broken bridges would be taken good care off very soon,

He ended the interview by saying that the assembly is embarking on distribution of free cocoa seedlings, oil palm processing machines among others to the farmers in the district and he also ensure our listeners that by the end of July, all the bridges would be done.



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