‘I’m about to shake the movie industry with an epic movie’ – Agya Koo hints

The well-known actor has been out of the entertainment industry for nearly a decade, but he is set to return with a new film this year.

During a drive-time interview on Kumasi-based Angel FM’s drive time on Friday, April 22, 2022, Agya Koo revealed that he is currently working on a fantastic film that will be released a few days later.

“I’m planning to release a new film very soon. ” Many people have expressed their longing for me. Some have suggested that I should consider creating a series on YouTube, similar to what others are doing. I’ve taken their suggestions into consideration, and I’m planning to release a very good movie very soon. We’re putting in serious effort to fix it.” Agya Koo made the following statement.

According to the actor, moviegoers in the area can look forward to nothing but a fantastic film in the coming weeks and months.

source : angle fm



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