Kelvin Taylor fires the Supreme Court – “The more transactions you do there, the more cases you win”

Still, on the e-levy, Kelvin Taylor voices his opinion on the Supreme Court’s reaction when the minority brought the case before him.

Here’s what he said;

Some people have placed fear in people that no one can speak against the decision of the Supreme Court. Anyone who tells you that the Supreme Court can’t be criticized is a criminal.

There’s a proceeding called a review that shows that the Supreme court can review its decision; those people there are not perfect, they can make mistakes and go contrary to the law.

A court that goes to the UK to bring a book to judge their elections cannot be credible. You’ll not see the American court leave their country to bring a book from another country to judge their elections.

This shows a loss of integrity and trust in the constitution. Ghana’s Supreme Court is a court of transactions; the more transactions you do there, the more cases you win.

There’s a case I want to address. There’s information trending that the Supreme says there will be hardship in Ghana without e-levy.

Is the Supreme Court there to interpret the law or implement policies. From what I know, the Supreme Court is there to interpret the law and not make a review.

Supreme Court is basing its judgment on “if the e-levy is not passed, Ghana will suffer”, that is a cluster of transactional agents.

The Supreme Court didn’t have a reason to stop the law. The Supreme Court is political.

What are your thoughts on Kelvin Taylor’s words.

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