Kwaku Bonsam – “Afia’s curses on Wontumi, Ampaw will work but they have to see me to ‘deliver’ them”

Bonsam said the curses invoked using Antoa work faster hence the duo should see him so he could reverse the it immediately otherwise they could be in trouble.

Recall that Afia went on the offensive when she heard Bernard Antwi Boasiako aka Chairman Wontumi has dragged her to court over her petty quarrels with Delay.

More importantly, she made certain procurement during the heat of her exchanges with Delay which has grossly inconvenienced him (like saying they used to be sexual partners and he farted when he was climaxing)

Afia got infuriated by the turn of events especially when Wontumi’s lawyer Maurice Ampaw slammed her on radio saying Afia is too low of a woman Wontumi will sleep with.

She cursed both of them with the alcoholic beverage and raw eggs while evoking powerful deities from her hometown to deal with them if she is lying that she has slept with the maverick politician.

Speaking on this development, Bonsam urged Wontumi and Maurice Ampaw to contact him for some rites to be performed.

“I can help them. They should try and see me so I help them. I have been calling Wontumi and he isn’t picking,” Kwaku Bonsam stated on Adinkra TV.

“Anybody who thinks these curses cannot work is a joke. Chairman, Maurice and Afia need to come to an agreement. Whatever it takes, they should overturn the curses,” he added.

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