Lydia Forson to Akufo Addo – “Stop using God to advance your Political Interest”

Known to be one of the few celebs who go after opinion leaders in the country to do the right thing devoid of partisan politics, the famed actress and filmmaker said the president is using God to politicise the Cathedral to his own advantage.

“Worshiping God comes with wisdom. Let us not treat God like he. God is in all of us. God is everywhere. What you’ve been using God for is not right because we use God to politicize the issue and take advantage of people,” she told lifestyle and gossip blogger ZionFelix.

Lydia Forson suggested the basis of Christianity is compromised if the government goes ahead with its plan to fulfil the promise the president made to God.

“I know Christianity is not about proving to God that this is his house. What is the house of God if there are no people in it? I mean, we have churches all around us. But look at our attitudes in this country. If it was up to the church, Ghana would have been sorted.

“It’s not about the house. It’s about the people. It’s about humanity. It’s about how we are treating each other. Let us stop using God to advance our own personal interests. We are playing on the sentiments of people’s religiosity. It’s not right. That’s not Christianity, and that’s not God.”

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