Mahama Imitates Nana Addo On A Pre-Election Strategy- Should Ghanaians Be Careful?

The pre-election strategies that many Ghanaians are saying was witnessed by them being used by Nana Addo is also being copied by Mahama. For sometime now politicians have evolved in their campaigns. The deceit is all over the place and it is difficult to tell who is telling the truth. Most of our young politicians are having their dreams shattered because of the image people have left behind for politics and politicians. Just like a good legacy, politics is a family where its leaders or frontiers are required to lay a good foundation on which others can establish themselves.

For instance, if an Ndc or an Npp political party leader or flag bearer does a good work, his predecessors automatically become beneficiaries of the good work and this makes them have an upper hand at winning the elections or being chosen by the people. Nana Addo during his campaigns was seen playing his religious cards very well. The likes of Reverend Owusu Bempah and his colleagues were part players in his prophecies and campaigns which many people believe led to his victory. As you read this, you might have as well seen photos and visuals of the former president, Mahama in some churches and rolling with very powerful men of God in this country.

The use of pastors and their influence in politics is becoming a normal trend and it seems the former president his biting his portion of this huge political cake into gaining a public recognition of spiritual ordination by men of God and from God. Even though people fell for the godly acts of most politicians who overwhelmed their cheerers with failure, there is a higher possibility that this mistake will be repeated in most political scenes. Should Ghanaians be careful of the infiltrations of our churches with politics and divisions? Is the influence of the church or men of God a necessity to politics?


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