Maintenance of vehicles should be your priority – Stephen Ankomah (Principle Transport Assistance)

Source: SHARP FM

 Writer: Philip omeano

Dec 8, 21.

As part of the Accident free Christmas  campaign  program, today field education take place at Anaji, Ntankoful, kansaworado and Efiakuma trotro station where Mr. Stephen Ankomah , a principal transport assistant  educate the drivers about maintenance of their vehicles , he said drivers should take their car maintenance as number one priority things to do every blessed day like inspecting the following items, lighting system of the car, car tyres, engines, among others that would promote safety in their daily activities

Mr. Stephen made the drivers aware that, there are types of cars tyres that are good for different environment just like A, C, AA among other tyres, he made clear that C- tyres are not good to use in raining seasons or snow environment while AA- tyres are good for break, this is because the compatibility of the tyre and the roads is good.  He also advise the drivers that at least every six months they have to clean their car head light for proper lighting when working on the roads especially in the night. Madam precious, a road safety officer also focus on the maintenance of car seat and seat belt.

However, Mr. Godwin Adomakoh , the vice chairman of the Anaji trotro station contributed by saying that not all the drivers are insubordinate, others have the passion for the driving work so they don’t do anything anyhow.

At the end of the teachings by the road safety questions were asked and the drivers who had the answers corrects were giving gift for that.

Driver justices yankey won fire extinguisher, Obed Arthur won T-shirt and Awal Adamu won the first aid box.

The sharp management and road safety officers used this opportunity to thank the station officials their kindness towards us.

Below are some opf the pictures during the education about car maintenance.

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