Menzgold customers petition EOCO – “Arrest Stonebwoy and strip off his awards”

Stonebwoy has promoted a non-fungible token (NFT) named SidiCoinNFT to his internet followers.

Everyone Deserves To Earn Money. Now is the time! Times Change. #SidicoinNFT @sidicoin Join The #SidicoinClub For More Info. Stonebwoy tweeted.

Following his post, the Coalition of Disputed Menzgold Ghana Customers demanded his arrest for supporting and promoting “an unlawful financial scheme”.

The Coalition also want the dancehall artist’s “national or corporate awards” revoked, according to a statement signed by PRO and Vice-President Francis Owusu.

“Stonebwoy has over 2.8 million followers on Twitter, over 3.1 million followers on Facebook, and over 4 million followers on Instagram,” the statement claimed.

In a similar vein, he and others tricked his followers into investing in Menzgold, which has resulted in at least 179 fatalities and many more with all degrees of diseases, according to the Coalition.

According to the organization, unlicensed sidicoinNFT is constructed nearly exactly like Menzgold.

This firm is modelled after NAM1’s failed Menzgold, the organization said.

It stated “media reports that this new scheme belongs to NAM1 are not in doubt” and “as victims of Menzgold, we cannot comprehend why our state officials continue to look on helplessly in bringing him and his assigns including Stonebwoy to full justice.”

For “the necessary security agencies and state authorities to investigate, arrest, and punish all individuals behind this sidicoinNFT and its brand ambassador Stonebwoy,” the statement said.


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