Mr. Opoku Mensah The Deputy Spokesperson For The Ministry Of Education Sends A Strong Message To All The Teachers

The Deputy spokesperson for the Ministry of Education (MoE), Mr. Opoku Mensah has sent a strong message regarding the students’ performances to all the teachers in Ghana.

According to Mr. Opoku Mensah, These modern world teachers are fond of taking videos of students who are academically poor and posting them on social media to make fun of them.

Mr. Opoku Mensah tells the teachers to stop doing those things because they are role models in the country and gone are the days, Chiefs mostly call them to read and post letters for the village.

Mr. Opoku Mensah says he has received a video about poorly scores of the students of a particular school at Kumasi and he is following up.

Mr. Opoku Mensah also said after he follows up on the video, he will escalate it to the Ministry of Education for the suspected teacher to give the reasons for his action.

Mr. Opoku Mensah then sends a strong message to the teachers by telling them that they must stop videoing students and posting them on social media because they will not be happy if the same is applied to their children.

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