Ghana is blessed with a lot of natural resource across the breath and width of the country.
Just recently, there has been a discovery of natural resources suspected to be crude oil at Apremdo, a community in the western region. The chief and the elders of Apremdo Community are waiting for the expert confirmation of the said resources while the community also do their own investigation concerning what has been found in their land. In an interview with Nana Banyin Paintsil on sharp FM on community concern segment of Anopa Nkomo program, it was Sunday 3rd July 2022, that the youths of Apremdo called him to come and witnessed what they have seen, Nana Kwamina XI later called National Petroleum Authority team and a team from University Of Mines And Technology where samples of the suspected crude oil was taken for much investigation to be done to ascertain whether it is a crude oil or a different resources that has found in Ghana.
According to him, the suspected crude oil smell just like petrol and it has a very shinny color even though it is black. It is unknown whether the source of this suspected crude oil is in the community or is far away from the community but he and his elders are praying that the source of mineral should be found in the community. Apremdo community has been denied for a very long time when it comes to development in the community so he and his elders plus the entire community members are very happy about this gift from God and their ancestors.
He believes that through this gift, the youths of Apremdo would take their education serious for better opportunity of the good people of Apremdo community. Puberty rite and waken keeping service have been banned from the Apremdo community due to the rate at which teenage pregnancy is increasing in the community and also the smoking of India herbs popularly known as wee, cocaine among others during wake keeping time in the community when funeral rite is performing. So, in order to curb this menace, the elders of the community have put measures in place to eliminate or reduce the rate at which those problems exist in their community.
In a nutshell, the banned on certain activities in the community would be lifted if the youths change their attitude.


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