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3rd November, 21

In an interview with the Chief of Apremdo Nana Egya Kwamina XI on sharp 106.9 FM Anopa Nkomo, on the segment of community concern hosted by Nana Banyin Paintsil.  He stated that, the privileges or opportunities associated with having security forces in their community is not beneficial to them, this is because there is no youth from apremdo community who has ever had the opportunity to join Ghana armed forces and that he is worried about it.

Nana mentioned some of the challenges he is facing in the community just like selfishness, disunity, bad roads, improper school infrastructure, unemployment issues among many have being his head ached. Due to this, it has led some of the youths into theft cases.

Upon further interrogation by the host, Nana Banyin Paintsil, he said every leader wish good development for his/ her community and every community that have low level of education suffer for development, he wished the beauty of Apremdo community would be like the 2BN barracks which is under his jurisdiction.

He made an allegation against the current land commission officer in the western region that he is being part of selling out lands and that he is having a problem with him currently.

Now Mr. Douglas who accompanied nana and also part of the council of elders in the Apremdo community was asked to say some thing about the issues of youth of Apremdo not getting opportunity into the Ghana Armed forces. And he responded by saying “Is it good for our forefathers to give our lands to the government?”

Hmmm, on the show, nana said he went to kwesimintsim police station to do something and one officer told nana that, the ahanta language cannot be speaking at the police station and that show the disrespect of our mother languages.

Nana Banyin Paintsil, the host asked nana Egya Kwamina XI, is it true that, the politicians have taken the fame of our community chiefs and nana quickly answered by saying it depends and for that matter it not true.

He then sympathizes with his people to let them know their problems have been heard. Then, he answers the question of the road being bad during rainy season by stating clearly that the construction was stopped halfway because the contractors were not being paid for their job and pleaded that the government should come to their aid.

He further went on to appreciate Tetra Company who started the construction of the six-unit classroom blocks and ICT lab but it all came to a halt during the covid-19 break which is sad because children still learn in wooden sheds which makes him worry about the future of these children.

He spoke about the developments which is taking place in the community, He said, himself and the community members are building a social centre which includes a community library. Also, Hon.Kojo Acquah is renovating the chief’s palace, he said. Prince Armah promises the community of building a Montessori for them.

He concluded by saying the chiefs need to come together to fight for their community for development.

Below are some of the pictures of Nana Egya Kwamina Xi during the interviewing show.

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