Our Country Is Sadly At The Crossroad And Ghanaians Knows The Best: John Mahama Unexpectedly Speaks

Former President John Dramani Mahama has stated that the country is currently hanging in a balance where citizens are yearning for a leader who will listen to their plight, woes, and burdens and deliver without favoritism.

He believes the country is at a crossroad where Ghanaian are wanting quick strides in seeing a nation where everything, not all is accessible to them without grudging nor whatsoever.

John Dramani Mahama wrote this on his Facebook wall “Our country is, sadly, at a Crossroads, and demands that leadership listens to the people and acts appropriately. This is the surest way to success on our chosen national journey of democracy and opportunities for all. Ghana must be placed fully unto the desired road”.

His statement might come from the numerous complaints and grievances from Ghanaians over the current state of affairs and the downturn of the economy which has skyrocketed the prices of everything.

John Mahama is a sure candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC] for the 2024 presidential election believes Ghanaians deserve better and their plight must be paramount for every leader.


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John Dramani Mahama
John Mahama

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