Pastors’ prophecies made in my life never came to pass — Wanlov Kubolor on why he hates church

On Adom TV’s, Ahosepe Xtra, he remembered how a prophecy was given to him by a man of God at his father’s church never came to fruition.

Apparently, he made the prophecy before his trip overseas.

A prayer for him was followed by a prediction that his travel to the United States will bring him great success in his job, schooling, and other areas.

However, the singer told the host of the show, Black I that none of the prophesies came to pass as he never gained admission to his dream school.

His deportation back to Ghana was compounded by his inability to find work in the US, which pushed him to take on illicit tasks, he added.

This never convinced him of the existence of any religion or prophesy, as he had said.

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