In an interview on sharp 106.9FM, on community concern segment of Anopa Nkomo ,  Nana Ekua  Ansaah Cobbinah disclosed that there are so many factors that caused accident such as lack of pedestrians walkway(zebra cross), lack of slaps, use of phones while walking alongside the road with headset or earpiece being put on your head, market women used pedestrian walkway to sell out their goods and services, lack of rest from the drivers, faded pedestrians walkway in some place,  Madam Ansaah stated it categorically that, the issues of traffic light is the responsibility of the urban roads department especially if it is beyond road safety department.

She said most of the accident happened when children are going to school in the morning and also closing from the school.  

Upon further interrogation by the host, nana banyin paintsil on Anopa Nkomo, passengers should not put pressure on the drivers but rather take a proper monitoring of how the driver drive the car and if there is the need to report any driver in case of any carelessness or reckless driving on this toll-free number (1855 or 0501260546) for proper action against that driver.

she took her time very well, to schooled our listeners by saying that every road has it speed limit like towns where schools, hospital, mosque, churches the speed limit should be 30 km per hour, Built up areas such as Anaji ,MT Zion etc. should be 50 km per hour, highways should 90 km per hour.

According to her, more men died in an accident as compare to women, and drivers shouldn’t prioritize money over human lives.

In the nutshell, she urged everyone especially the drivers to obey the roads rules and regulations in order to reduce road accident.

Below are some of the pictures of Nana Ekua Ansaah Cobbinah.

Source: Philip omeano



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