Sad: Psalm Adjeteyfio’s cause of death revealed

Permeating every available space on the internet today Friday, April 7 has it that veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio aka TT. has passed on.

His cause of death has been revealed as end-stage heart failure. This was confirmed by ace broadcaster and sports journalist, Kofi Asare Brako.

The former Despite Media Group employee wrote on Facebook;

“Rest in peace, Psalm Adjeteyfio, a.k.a. TT. The veteran Ghanaian actor Psalm Adjeteyfio revealed a couple of weeks ago that he has been diagnosed with end-stage heart failure which has indirectly placed a limit to his lifespan. He passed away this morning at his Ayikuma home, the source said.”

According to Google, End-stage heart failure is the most severe form of heart failure. A person with heart failure experiences weakening of the heart over time. Management and treatment options can help a person live with the symptoms that this condition causes, but heart failure is chronic, and there is no cure.17 May 2021

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