Sam George after his ‘brilliant’ reply to BBC host over LGBT bill

Sam George has undoubtedly received lots of applause and commendations from most Ghanaians after his recent interview with BBC Host, Claire popped up online.

Speaking in a recent interview on BBC world with host, Claire McDonald, Sam George was given the privilege to explain why he was actively pushing for the legalization of the anti-LGBT bill in Ghana and order-related issues. Whilst addressing the issue concerning the anti-LGBT bill being hateful and turning Ghanaians against each other as claimed by the host, Claire, Sam George emphatically stated that, those claims weren’t true and that the show host and the British government was making those assumptions up considering how most Ghanaians are highly supported of the bill.

Addressing the most anticipated issue on conversion therapy as a result of the anti-LGBT bill, Sam George emphatically revealed whilst stating that, “In the bill, you don’t see us say were offering conversion therapy, you’re suggesting conversion therapy. What we discussed or offered in the bill is approved medical treatment; that’s the standard on Ghana”.

“Ghana is governed by its own laws, not by the UN. The UN has not made homosexuality a human right”, Sam George emphatically added. Whilst addressing the issue of whether the Pope was wrong about the introduction of the anti-LGBT bill, Sam George unexpectedly stated that the Pope had his own opinions. In addition to that, Sam George also revealed that, whilst the Methodist church in the United Kingdom has agreed to bless same-sex marriages in their churches, the Methodist church in Ghana has disassociated itself from such practices.

Another brilliant reply by Sam George to the BBC host, Claire over the LGBT Bill was that, the Ningo-prampram MP made it clear that, the anti-LGBT bill wasn’t a religious bill but a bill on cultural values. Whilst supporting his claim with a Bible quotation, Sam George emphatically stated that, “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”. Upon Sam George’s brilliant reply to BBC Host over ant-LGBT bill popped up, most Ghanaians took the privilege to share their immense thoughts and opinions on the most anticipated interview.

Below is a look at some of the comments that came through as individuals shared their respective thoughts and opinions on the alarming issue.


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