School feeding caterers strike bites in Ashanti Region

In the Ashanti Region, some pupils in basic schools have not been fed since the start of the industrial action by caterers of the School Feeding Programme.

This has affected attendance in some schools.

LuvNews checks reveal the caterers at the Ayigya M/A school located in the Asokore Mampong municipality have not been at post since school reopening.

The School has a student population of a little above 1,500 with primary school pupils form a majority.

The primary pupils in the school had hoped to be fed at school but were disappointed as their caterer did not come to work.

Many of the pupils are attracted to school because of the feeding programme.

In the past few days, the school has recorded low attendance.

A number of the pupils at the school’s kindergarten have not been attending school since reopening, mainly stemming from the industrial action by the caterers.

Those who manage to come to school have had to manage with the little pocket money from their guardians to buy food.

The situation here is no different at the State Experimental cluster of schools.

The kitchen for the school was locked up with only cooking utensils sitting under the sooted shed.

Officials at the school told LuvNews that the pupils have been requesting when they will be fed.


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