Sex releases stress in men than women

Stress is nature’s reaction to day-to-day activities when the body is overworked.

A medical practitioner, Dr Hannah-Lisa Tetteh has said that the human body reacts in certain ways to inform you that the body is tired, hence it being stressed.

She stated that so many factors can cause stress but there are various ways to relieve yourself of it.

She claimed that while sex can be a stress release for males, it is not the same for women because women appear to associate emotions with sex in contrast to men.

“For men, yes. But for a woman who is stressed out, it actually adds more stress to her, generally. There are women who enjoy sex and for that, it could be a stress reliever. But for men, generally, when they are stressed, they can use it,” she answered when asked about the benefits of sex.

Dr Tetteh added that a significant stressor for today’s youth is social media.

As a result of the youth’s inability to be pleased with what they have and their need to compare themselves to others.

She urged the young people to be happy with themselves and not wait for others to do so.

Find a hobby or activity that you like and appreciate. To unwind and have fun, you don’t need to spend a lot of money, she added.

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