Sharp 106.9FM your fast-rising number one radio station in the western, western north and central regions in collaboration with Holy Child Catholic Hospital on the 26TH September 2021 successfully organized one of the biggest blood donations excises the region has ever seen. It was held in the Ntankoful Primary School near the school park a suburb of Takoradi. The chief guest of the blood exercise was Mr. Charles of the Holy Child Catholic Hospital. A team of about seven (7) doctors and nurses of Holy Child Catholic Hospital came for the collection of blood.  About sixty community members both men and women were volunteers. Most of the sharp FM workers were also enthusiastic about donating their blood. There were also very prominent people in the community who came to also donate blood. A certificate of donation card, refreshment was given to each donor as a token of gratitude.

In order to make the blood donation exercise attractive, a community football gala was also organized by SHARP FM, and that increased the number of people donating blood as compared to the previous one organized without the presence of sharp FM.

At the end of the community Football Gala, the trophy was won by the town team known as Morning Stars which was headed by Mr. Jacob Amega who is a member of the Western Regional Football Association.

The blood donation exercise started at 9:00 am -6:00 pm.

Special Thank You to all our sponsors

We thank God that, at the end of it all, everything was successful.


Below are some of the pictures of the football activities and the blood donation activities

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