Some of these young artistes don’t respect at all, they expect me to greet them when we meet- TIC TAC

The veteran rapper revealed on Citi TV’s Upside Down show that the upcoming artistes show him attitude and expect him to initiate pleasantries when they meet- which is unconventional in his opinion.

He said this sort of behaviour is rare in the Nigerian music industry and went ahead to buttress his point, saying;

“Tuface will see me and shout my name. If he is watching, he will tell you, he will be laughing and say that’s true. But Ghanaian artiste who just sprang will see you, pose and expect you to say hi, and sometimes if you don’t, he may even go out and say you don’t value them.

“I don’t want to mention names because when you do that, it becomes a bit personal. But I am just saying that if you don’t know me, I don’t know you,” he added.

TiC also received some criticisms from the organisers of the annual Vodafone Ghana Awards for sidelining him and other veterans in the game, having been one of the foremost artists who were recruited for the maiden edition.

“You can’t do Ghana Awards and not send me an invitation. I am not the King of Ghana music, but I deserve some kind of monumental positioning in this country. If you check the first Ghana Awards that was ever held, I was a performer. So history has captured me for Ghana Awards,” he said.

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