As part of the Social Entrepreneurship Hub’s support for the women-led business selected for the SNV Ghana GrEEn incubation programme, the businesses visited our studios to engage and share their stories with the general public on 2nd June 2022 at 9 am.


The CEOs of Nel Sneels Ventures, Louisa Nana Sankah and Jilfa Trends, Alberta Quist, were our guests on the Business Desk of the Morning show. The host Nana Banyin, Western Region’s finest, discussed what they are engaged in with them and gave them the opportunity to tell the public their stories.


They oriented the public about what social and green entrepreneurship is about. They also talked about how the SNV GrEEn Project supports their endeavours through the Social Entrepreneurship Hub incubation. They were delighted and were full of praise for the funding organisation and implementing body for the support they have gotten so far – in marketing, product development, capacity building and a host of others. The visit to the radio station, one of the best morning shows to engage the public, was something they could not have afforded on their own but made possible by the SNV Project.


Mr James Arthur Amoah Dir. Administration and Projects said the Social Entrepreneurship Hub (SE Hub) is a non-profit organisation that provides entrepreneurs in the formal and informal sector in Ghana with the necessary skills to be locally and internationally competitive. In addition, they promote green/sustainable businesses.


He also explained the need to support green and sustainable entrepreneurship in the western regions especially led by women. That is why they are implementing the SNV GrEEn Incubation Project with the support of the SNV Ghana. The incubation project is a six months project for women-led entrepreneurs. The next cohort of the project will start soon, so all women-led businesses are invited to apply. Early-stage women-led businesses involved in green and sustainable entrepreneurship areas like Agriculture, Recycling/ upcycling, Renewable Energy, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

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