Taxi Driver Who Returned Money He Found In His Car

The Church of Pentecost is happy as one of its members has proved that they don’t just listen to the word of God but also practice it.

The kind-hearted Taxi driver who returned 8400 cedis he found in his car was a member of this religious organisation and his actions has not restored faith in humanity but also the church.

Speaking in a recent interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, the taxi driver revealed that he is a member of the Pentecost church.

When asked why he decided to return the money, the taxi driver explained that as a Christian, his beliefs teaches him not to take something that doesn’t belong to him.

Hence after noticing the bag of money, he realised it belonged to the fishmonger he had picked. He then drove all the way to her house to return it.

The reward he has gotten from his act of kindness is more than he bargained more.

Aced Journalist, Manasseh Azure has shared his contact details for those who want to send him some mobile money.

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