Teachers were not consulted about the new curriculum – former MP for fantiakwa Hon. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo.


JANUARY 2022 6:35PM

Hon. Ampofo was interview at sharp106.9fm on Anopa Nkomo hosted by Nana Banyin Paintsil on Wednesday 19th janauary,2022 at 8:30 am in the western region.

Mr. Ampofo speaks on the general issues affecting the progress of the country, one of the areas he focused on was Ghana education system of the new curriculum policy that the current government want to roll out.  Former fantiakwa MP made it clear to the people of western region and Ghana at large that, the government of Ghana did not engaged the educational stakeholders which include the following, teachers, parents, students, retired educationist, Ghana national association of teachers, gnat, conference of heads of secondary education among others.

Upon further interrogation by the host, he said all these group of people should have been engaged first to brainstorm about the new curriculum for them to also make an input before it has come to the public domain. This is a clear indication that, the current government is joking with the future of this country. Mean while there is an adage which says that ‘’ education is the backbone of every country or education is the key to our country future’’.  There should be a bye in effect from the stakeholders which would focus on the basic education, secondary and the tertiary institutions.it is obvious that, the current government is ruining out this country to it deplorable state.

Now local governance are bleeding, they find it difficult to run the day, today activities of the various assemblies in the country, this is because the government is finding it difficult to released the common fund to the various assemblies to undertake any project. However, common fund is a constitutional mandate which is not less than 7 percent of the total national revenue, should be given to the local assemblies for community development and the government is failing to do that. So, my question is ‘’ where are the money’’?

Hon Ofosu Ampofo made this revelation to the people of western region especially sharp FM listeners, when he visited western region in the name of the opposition party NDC to strengthen the grass root members of the party and also admonished them to stand firm come 2024 election.

He said, sharp 106.9 FM is the first station to host him in the western region and also the first time of speaking on air in 2022.

He ended his interview with sharp FM  by extending his greetings to the officials of western region most especially his party officials.

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