The EPA Shuts Down Chinese Cement Factory at McCarthy Hills

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the help of Ghana police service has shut down Empire Cement Factory, which is a Chinese company at McCarthy Hill inside Accra for operating without permit.

According to the report, Ghana police service stop the operation at the factory and also sacked all workers, including the Chinese nationals for flouting with the law of Ghana.

Information from the Ghana News Agency (GNA) revealed that the company’s management was given an interim permit by the EPA to manufacture cement paper but not to manufacture cement products. The company is then producing cement without EPA’s approval.

In June 7, some concerned residents at the area then protest against the operation of cement company near the Pambros salt mines enclave. This protest the drew the attention of the EPA and the Ghana Police Service. During the protest, some residents expressed worry over the pollution from the Chinese cement factory.

The chairman of the McCarthy Hill Residents Association, Mr Eddie Quaynor who was the leader of the protest, in an interview with Ghana News Agency said, even though the exercise was long overdue, he commended the EPA and the police for a fast response to save the community from further destructions. He then stated that, the Chinese company has disregarded many warnings from the EPA to stop operating.

According to some workers, they had not ideal the company was operating with permit. They also the blamed the EPA for waiting this long for the factory to start operating before closing it down.


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