The Liberian boy who returned $50,000 to earn monthly salary as ‘ INTEGRITY AMBASSADOR’

Things are working in the favor of this young honest Liberian boy who found and returned $50,000; as he has been appointed the country’s integrity ambassador and will be earning a monthly salary of $500. Tuloe, a motor rider found the $50,000 dollars after a businesswoman boarded and left his motorcycle. He immediately returned the money following an overtly appeal by the woman on radio stations.


The 19 year young man, who is neither from a rich home nor rich himself, decided to return such a huge amount of money which could have changed his life. He became a national hero in Liberia where several people praised him for such a gesture. The teenager received 1,500 dollars as a reward from the businesswoman.


According to the boy, some family members and other associates said the $1,500 reward offered him by the businesswoman was too small, and that, he should have kept the whole money. “They tell me I will never get rich in my lifetime; they say because I returned such an amount of money I will live and die poor.” He revealed in an interview.


Emmanuel Tuloe’s act received a wider media coverage which got the attention of the President, Mr. George Weah who added a cash of $10,00 to the already received $ 1,500. The President assured the teenager that government will award him with the country’s highest honour in the order of distinction in “exceptional sense of morality and good citizenship.”

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