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January 22, 6:30pm

With the issue of Appeatse incident in the western region of Ghana that has taken over 17 people lives and 59 injured in a devastating explosive element(dynamite).  After a truck carrying explosive intended for a particular company called chirano in one of the communities in the western part of Ghana, collided with a motorcycle.

Sharp 106.9 FM interviewed Mr. Raymond Boua, a survival from the Appeatse incident said that’’ there was no an escort in front of the truck carrying the explosive element’’ so any public official who will come out and says that there was an escort protecting the truck, Ghanaians should call that official a liar. Upon further interaction with Mr. Boua by the host. Nana banyin paintsil on sharp Anopa Nkomo program added that the truck driver lighted from the truck and walked straight into the school center and informed the school children and the teachers to run from the classroom while the truck was on fire but did not inform the entire community.

According to him, most of the victims were travellers who are going to the various communities in the western region. This is because the time (11:40 am) that the incident happened most of the community members were in their farms but few people and most of their properties were affected much. The electricity transformer in the appeatse community also got burnt. Mr. Raymond had a cut at his right hand and other part of his body. He said on that faithful day, he was going to give Christmas gift to his mother at Tarkwa. Mr. boua ended his story by advising the youth of today concerning issues like this and also urged the authorities to always put measures in place before any unforeseen event happens.

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