This Becomes The Fate Of National Cathedral Under An NDC Gov’t

The National Cathedral project has been entangled in controversies since its announcement by President Akufo-Addo.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has consistently criticized the project insisting that since it was a personal vow the President made to God, it was wrong to use state funds.

According to the NDC’s argument the President mentioned that the construction of the project was not going to be done at the expense of the taxpayer, hence it’s wrong to use state funds for personal dreams

The question on some people’s minds is whether or not the project will be continued if the NDC comes to power.

Even though there’s not been an official position, Sammy Gyamfi said: “The board of trustees is already raising funds for the project and individuals and other groups are also donating and so if we come and the church or Christian body brings up an idea or seek government’s support or facilitation for any cause, I know any NDC government will support. For now, public funds have been used on that project without parliamentary approval and against the laws of this country and so let’s deal with that“.

Speaking on PeaceFM’s “The programme, he added: “…who knows if by the time we come to power and the project has advanced to a certain stage because of funds raised; who knows…the party is yet to take a position on whether it will be willing to commit public funds…NDC has not taken an official position on this issue because we have not even been consulted on this project we don’t even have any idea on how much the project will cost”.




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