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February 14,2022.

Recently the whole country is facing water crisis of which western region is not exceptional, in an interview with the public relation officer for Ghana water company for western and central regions Mr. Benear told sharp FM on Anopa Nkomo that, there are a lot of factors that has led to the water crisis in the country which includes but not limited to the following, Illegal Galamsey and change of weather pattern are the major factors. Base on these there are time table for the towns and communities to get water for their daily activities in the capital town of western region.

Ntankoful community is one of the communities in the western region who are suffering from water crisis, a suburb of S.T.M.A. mean while there was a busted water pipe tube at Ntankoful and water was flowing wasted for almost a week, a resident reveal. The sad aspect of this story was that ,because of the scarcity of water most of the community members rushed to where the water was flowing to get some, they don’t think about hygienic nature of the water. The incident happened near a gutter.

Sharp 106.9 FM morning show team went to the scene to make live report about the situation but the queen mother of Ntakonful disagreed with the duration at which the incident occurred; she said the incident was not up to one week as it’s been said by some of her community members. She also made it clear that she has contacted Ghana water company one of the officers and he promised to be there to solved the problem when the incident was reported to her.

Upon our intervention about these incidents, now the problem has been solved by the Ghana water company

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