We Will Not Accept The Results If The Enquiry Is Not Televised On TV – Sammy Gyamfi

The past two weeks have been engulfed with so much talk about the Achimota Forest. First came rumors that the forest reserve has been sold. Later the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources under Samuel Jinapor came to clarify that only some peripheral portions have been released to the Owoo Family. Later news broke that the late Sir John had bequeathed some portions of Achimota Forest lands to his family.


There have been calls for enquiries or probes into whether indeed the late general secretary of the ruling NPP had lands at the Achimota Forest. Parliament and the Special Prosecutor have also been petitioned. On Good Morning Ghana today, Thursday, May 26, 2022, Dr. Randy revealed that Justice Appau is being commissioned to probe into the who issue.


According to Sammy Gyamfi, he is pleased with an enquiry only if the entire proceedings will be televised on TV. According to him, anyone who is found guilty whether NPP or NDC should be prosecuted. Sammy noted that he and the NDC will doubt the results of the commission if the enquiry isn’t televised because that means that some things may be hidden from the public. He called on the Owoo family, ministers both under the NDC and NPP, and all those involved to go before public on TV and present their claims to the probe commission.

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